Yamaha Raider LED Headlight Load Resistor

SKU: Ledres-50-6
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SKU: Ledres-50-6

Use this H4 direct plug and play load resistor inline with a LED Headlight to remove the Yamaha Raider stator growl as well as anti-flicker issues on other motorcycles. The H4 LED headlight load resistor works in both low and high beam. Install this resistor within the headlight bucket but not against any plastic. These resistors get extremely hot and can reach temperatures over 150 degrees F (well above some plastic's melting point). NLI is not responsible for misuse of this product that may result in damage to your motorcycle. 

50 Watt Max Power Dissipation (4.2 A max @ 12V)

*This may not entirely get rid of the stator growl since different LED headlights have a distinct loading factor that will vary from the original halogen headlight. 

All sales are final for this product. We can not accept returns. The customer is responsible for the proper mounting of this resistor away from other components as well as its own wires. 
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