Welcome to Next Level Innovation

Next Level Innovation was established in 2019 and is an engineering and design firm
focused primarily on the metric motorcycle market.  Like many businesses, we started off as
consumers getting tired of searching for motorcycle parts, only to find what we
wanted was only for the “American Cruiser Market” (or SUPER EXPENSIVE!). 

We grew tired of looking for answers and
decided we would be the solution. We started off by making 3D printed parts for our own bikes and posting them on forums and social media groups. Right away we started getting a lot of positive
feedback and interest on “where to get the product” – so we ran with it!  We ditched the 3D printed parts and started manufacturing with powder coated steel and aluminum and just few years later we
have a bunch of new products and ideas available to a world-wide market with
more products in development.  

We love motorcycles and the community around them. 
We appreciate the feedback and support we have received from our
customers so far and look forward to the other crazy ideas and products they
suggest going forward – because we’ll do our best to make them a reality!

In addition to motorcycle parts, we design and produce products for a wide range
of industries, including Automotive, Special Machinery in the Jewelry Market, Automation
& much more.   

We take pride in brainstorming multiple concepts in order to create intuitive and simple
solutions to everyday problems, making sure to get the best one.  We invite you to check out our products, FAQs, Documentation, and Media to see if
we are a good fit for you!