5.75" LED Headlight Adapter Model 1

For that custom look.

The motorcycles listed will fit this adapter in the stock headlight bucket and bezel. There may be more bikes that are not listed below that will fit this adapter. Please take a look at the documentation in the next tab for more details. 

Brand Model Year Bezel PN
Yamaha Stryker 2011-2017 5S7-84315-00-00
Yamaha Raider 2008-2017 5C7-84315-00-00
Yamaha Bolt 2014-2022 5S7-84315-00-00
Yamaha Warrior 2002-2009 5PX-84315-00-00
Yamaha Midnight 950 2002-2009 5PX-84315-00-00
Yamaha V-Star 950 2009-2017 5S7-84315-00-00
Yamaha XSR 700  2018-2021 B34-84315-00-00
Yamaha XSR 900 2016-2021 B34-84315-00-00
Yamaha SCR950 2017 5S7-84315-00-00
Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom 2007-2020 23006-0013


Make sure to let us know if your motorcycle fits and we will update our list!

The below images are a representation of what the "Bezel PNs" look like. Please be sure to double-check that your motorcycle's bezel looks similar. The adapter will utilize the side mounts on the bezel as well as the adjustment mount (bottom left of image) pictured in the PN B34-84315-00-00 picture below. 

5S7-84315-00-00-Yamaha Bezel5C7-84315-00-00_Yamaha Bezel5PX-84315-00-00_Yamaha BezelB34-84315-00-00_Yamaha Bezel

      From left to right and top to bottom: PN: 5S7-84315-00-00  |  PN: 5C7-84315-00-00  | PN: 5PX-84315-00-00  |  PN: B34-84315-00-00

Image Source is Babbitts OEM website


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